MSGA Staff Tour Biodiesel Facility with Rep. Daudt

Rep. Kurt Daudt, Dist. 31A, has a better understanding of biodiesel thanks to a tour of the Ever Cat Fuels biodiesel plant Thursday, Oct. 23, in Isanti, Minn.


From left to right: Larry McNeff, Joe Smentek, Clayton McNeff, Mike Youngerberg and Rep. Kurt Daudt stop for a picture while touring the Ever Cat Fuels Isanti, Minn., location.

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association staff joined Daudt, along with Ever Cat Fuels Chief Executive Manager Larry McNeff and Chief Science Officer Clayton McNeff. MSGA Senior Director of Field Services Mike Youngerberg said this tour was an opportunity to educate Daudt about the biodiesel industry in Minnesota and to answer questions he may have.

Daudt, a Republican, could be in line for Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives if the Republicans gain control in Minnesota.

The Ever Cat Fuels staff showcased their innovative, patented biodiesel technology to produce ASTM grade biodiesel from a multitude of feedstocks. MSGA Director of Environmental Affairs Joe Smentek said Ever Cat Fuels is trying to incorporate the use of pennycress and camolina as raw materials for their Isanti plant, which he said could prove to be valuable cover crops in Minnesota.

The EverCat plant has been in production since 2008 and supplies B99.9 to underground mines in South Dakota as well as to other fuel distributors in Minnesota in order to fulfill the biodiesel mandate.