Biodiesel Blends in Minn. Equal to Taking 128,000 Vehicles Off Roads

When Minnesota was strictly a B5 state, the clean air numbers were staggering. With a B5 blend, Minnesota was able to remove the equivalent of 34,750 vehicles off Minnesota roads. If that was a breath of fresh air, think what B10 has done.

According to the American Lung Association of Minnesota, the current use of biodiesel blends in Minnesota is equal to removing 128,000 vehicles from the road. Clean, renewable and made here in Minnesota. That’s something we can all breathe easier about.

Biodiesel 2015 report

Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Bioenergy Manager, Kevin Hennessy and Santo Cruz, Director of Government Affairs, gave the Department’s annual report to the legislature about the status of biodiesel.

 Among the topics reported on were how the implementation of B10 this past summer went off with no problems, the status of the Federal RFS program and biodiesel tax credit as well as Minnesota’s production capacity, which is at 63 million gallons and holding. The MDA reported that Minnesota has enough capacity to meet both the B10 and eventual B20 requirements as calculated in statue. Minnesota currently is on track to implement B20 in 2018. 

 The full report will be posted soon on the MDA’s website at