MSGA resolutions

Busy Week Produces Results for MSGA

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association had a busy day Wednesday, Dec. 3, with a state director board meeting during the day, capped with the MSGA’s first delegate, pre-resolution meeting.

The MSGA meeting was all business, with state directors reviewing projects, reviewing budgets and setting priorities for the 2015 season. The board also said goodbye to one-time MSGA president and long-time director Bob Worth of Lincoln County (click here for related story).

When all was said and done, those same MSGA state directors converged on Country Inn & Suites in Mankato, Minn., for the pre-resolution meeting, where delegates dissected the current resolution document and prepared a new one for the MSGA’s delegate session at the 2015 MN Ag EXPO in Mankato.

MSGA Vice President Paul Freeman, who chairs the advocacy action team, said the pre-resolution meeting was important to have because it allowed all county delegates to truly understand the resolutions being put forth on behalf of Minnesota soybean farmers.

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman

“One of the main goals on making a change to this format was giving the county delegates the chance to review the documents ahead of time,” Freeman said. “The document we came away with from our pre-resolution meeting will be in the hands of our county delegates, giving them more than a month to look through the document that will be presented at Expo.”

MSGA lobbyist Jerry Schoenfeld attended the pre-resolution meeting. While Schoenfeld didn’t suggest what the delegation should concentrate on for resolutions, he did elaborate on the political process and current policies pertaining to issues to give the county delegates as much information as possible.

“I think the meeting went really well and gave the county delegates more of a chance to get their voice heard,” Freeman said. “I think we ended up seeing a lot of hard work by our MSGA members to take a meaningful look at what this document is and how it can help us. Now we have a useful tool for our lobbying team.”

Freeman said he was a little nervous when the pre-resolution began. In years past, the MSGA directors and the advocacy action team set the resolutions, based on county input and submitted resolutions, to include in the document presented at the MSGA delegate session at MN Ag Expo.

“I knew with the changes we made to the process and our goals, we were a little beyond the normal process,” Freeman said. “Once the dialogue started it was more comfortable and productive.”

The MSGA delegate session is 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. on January 28, 2015, the first day of MN Ag EXPO. The MSGA annual meeting follows the delegate session with a 4:45 p.m. start time.