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Farmers Attend Small Grains Update Meetings

Soybean growers in the northwest portion of Minnesota this week are receiving information on soybean management techniques, marketing their grains and transportation issues, field scale research on soil and water conservation and a Minnesota political roundup.

The information is all part of the Northwest Minnesota Small Grains Update meetings. At the meeting in Crookston today, researchers gave summaries of their work and industry experts shared their outlooks for the coming growing season.

Argyle farmer Tim Osowski discussed soybean sulfur management with on-farm research network results. And Dr. George Rehm gave farmers a summary about soil and nutrient losses he’s seen with field scale research though the Minnesota Discovery Farm sites.

Joe Smentek Speaks to Farmers in Crookston on Minnesota policy effects on farming.

Joe Smentek Speaks to Farmers in Crookston on Minnesota policy effects on farming.

Also in Crookston, Polk County Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Director Mike Skaug highlighted the value of soybeans to his area.

“I am proud to say I am from Polk County,” Skaug said. “It is the largest growing soybean county in the state, producing 10 million bushels of soybean and having 300,000 acres in production. I foresee these numbers even growing in 2015.”

Skaug also encouraged attendees to become members of MSGA because of the work the organization is doing in biodiesel, transportation, exports and other areas.

Later in the session, Joe Smentek, Minnesota Soybean Director of Environmental Affairs, followed up on Skaug’s comments on the value of being involved in an organization working on the behalf of farmers at the capital. Smentek went on to update attendees on Minnesota politics and ultimately how they impact Minnesota farmers and their businesses.

There were about 60 attendees at the update in Crookston, and the Polk County Soybean & Corn Growers Association held their annual meeting at the event.

So far, update meetings have also been held this week in Fergus Falls, Moorhead and Ada. For farmers interested in attending yet, updates will take place in Hallock, Argyle and Roseau on Thursday, and Friday there will be an update in Red Lake Falls.

Those interested can find more details on the small grains website. (