Gillie Announces Candidacy for MSGA Vice President

MSGA Secretary, Theresia Gillie

MSGA Secretary, Theresia Gillie

To our board members and all the members of Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, I am seeking the position of Vice President of the Minnesota Soybean Growers. 

I have had the privilege the past seven years to not only serve on the MSGA board but also as Chair of the Membership Committee, Corporate Relations Committee, and Industry Affairs Action Team.  During my tenure as Membership Chair our state organization excelled – becoming the largest Membership state for ASA – with more than 4100 members.

We accomplished this with a combined effort from our directors, wonderful staff, and other MSGA members who understand that involvement in our association matters.  This past year I have been serving as Secretary on the Executive board.  It has been an honor to serve in these leadership positions.

With our large board, we have many knowledgeable directors involved in various aspects of farming.  We need to find ways to foster their involvement.  How lucky we are to come from such a diverse farming state.  We need to work together and address the pertinent issues that affect all of farming, not just what is going on in our own communities or on our own farms.  We have many issues that require our attention.  We need to be the voice for agriculture that our legislators, congressmen, our business partners, and society can turn to and trust.

As Vice President, I hope to help influence new leadership.  I believe the directors on this board not only need to encourage new leadership, but develop and support their participation as well.  As our board evolves to the next generation of farmer-leaders, we need to be open minded on issues will that will affect our young farm sons and daughters so they can farm without the stress of overregulation.

Unlike many of you, I didn’t grow up on a farm.  But my husband’s family has been on the same farmstead since 1899.  I am hopeful, as my son transitions into the Gillie Family farm as the 5th generation, his children will do as well, continuing our family farming legacy for over 200 years and beyond.

Minnesota Soybean is a very strong advocate for agriculture.  We are lucky to have great staff, a great relationship with the soybean council, and farmer leaders working together.  I will continue to be a voice for agriculture not only for MSGA, but for all of Minnesota.  I am asking for your vote.