Mike’s message: Building relationships

By MSGA President Mike Skaug

The price of crop nutrient products, the strength of the agricultural market, a surge in crop commodity prices and increased farm economics are driving demand for plant food and fertilizer globally. Key industry players, like Mosaic Co., are positioned for large financial return. They also understand that their future is dependent on the end-users profitability. A rising tide lifts all boats.

During a meeting last month at Commodity Classic with Mosaic Co., MSGA officials explained the plight of farmer growers and rapidly rising fertilizer prices. A common understanding of receiving higher grain prices can quickly be absorbed by unknown input cost increases. Our discussions furthered to research of renewable products that could enhance and extend the nonrenewable N-P-K products of today. Growers know so well the importance of efficient placement and timing of fertilizer to plant growth stages. We had a constructive conversation with Mosaic, and urged their team to work with our farmer-leaders and deliver their message while also supporting MSGA’s advocacy efforts. We are confident Mosaic received our message and, like with our industry partners, we hope to work together more in the future.

As you prepare for spring planting, you can rely on MSGA staff and volunteer members throughout Minnesota to expand relationships with industry leaders so that shared benefits can be realized.

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