Minnesota pair selected for Phase III of leadership program

Andy Pulk and his wife, Heidi, are taking their leadership training to the next level after being selected for Phase III of the American Soybean Association (ASA) Corteva Agriscience Young Leader Program, despite having to miss Phase II due to a major injury.

“I’m ready to be an advocate on the national level,” said Pulk, who was recently elected as president of the Roseau/Lake of the Woods Corn and Soybean Growers. “After the first phase, I took the initiative to get more involved on the county level. Being a part of this program has opened my eyes to how these national issues affect our day-to-day business and how critical it is to make contacts and continue being active.”

The Pulk family

The Pulks are planning to join other Phase III participants, as well as Minnesota’s ASA national directors in Washington, D.C., even after an accident that occurred just days before Phase II where Andy slipped, fell and shattered the ankle bones in both of his feet, ultimately not allowing him to attend.

“This week, I was cleared for ankle braces and tennis shoes,” Pulk said, who previously relied on a wheelchair for transportation. “I can finally walk some and get in and out of the tractor.”

The doctors say it will take 12-18 months for a full recovery but he is taking it one day at a time.

“I can feel myself getting better day-by-day.” Pulk said. “That’s what matters.”

The Pulks farm near Wannaska in Roseau County and grow more than 2,000 acres of soybeans on their 4,800-acre farm.

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