Dayton buffers

MSGA, Ag Groups Meet with Dayton, Delve into Buffers Initiative

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association joined other ag commodity groups in discussions with Governer Mark Dayton, his staff and other pertinent players Tuesday and Wednesday as the groups worked to find a more meaningful solution to the buffers initiative, one that would actually address water quality in Minnesota.

On Tuesday, Dayton hosted several leaders from farmer organizations, including Joe Smentek, Minnesota Soybean Director of Environmental Affairs. Also present were John Jaschke,  Executive Director, Board of Water and Soil Resources and Dave Frederickson, Commissioner of Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

That discussion was followed up with further talks Wednesday.

“We’re excited and pleased to have a seat at the table when it comes to discussion on meaningful water quality measures,” said MSGA President George Goblish, who was involved with the discussions on Wednesday morning. “MSGA has worked tirelessly to make sure our farmers’ voices are heard on such an important and emotional topic to all of Minnesota. MSGA members should be pleased to know we are making progress.”

MSGA Director Brad Hovel, who serves as vice chair of the Environmental team with Minnesota Soybean, echoed Goblish’s sentiments.

“We’re working to take meaningful steps on improving water quality in Minnesota,” Hovel said. “This is what we have wanted all along, to be part of these discussions.”

Also involved in the discussions Tuesday at the mansion and Wednesday morning were: Kevin Paap, President of Minnesota Farm Bureau, Doug Peterson, President of Minnesota Farmers’ Union and Bruce Peterson, President of Minnesota Corn Growers Association.