New Website Highlights the Importance of the MSGA

Technology plays a big part in the way we communicate and the way we do business. This is nothing new to our soybean farmers, who adapt and change and use technology to achieve better yields while preserving and maintaining the land everyone depends on.

Like our farmers, we need to adapt as well. This website is about change, and it is also about giving our Minnesota Soybean Grower Association members more control to be involved with the MSGA. 

This new site highlights the importance of the MSGA when it comes to fighting for farm-friendly legislation. Every day, passion drives farmers all across the state to lobby on behalf of agriculture. These farmers do a wonderful job of fighting for their fellow producers, but we can always use more supporters.

Another benefit of our new site is that MSGA members will have the opportunity to better manage their memberships, including renewing or purchasing a membership online.

We’ve made it easier to find who your MSGA directors are and how to contact them. We’ve added photo galleries and videos, our soy updates and even event registration.

We hope our MSGA members will benefit from many of the new features. Take a moment, look around. We know there’s still room to grow, but we think you’ll like the new site.

George Goblish, MSGA President