MSGA President’s Perspective: Meeting Season Brings New Ideas to the Table

Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman, MSGA President

With an excellent crop season behind us and most of the fall chores completed, I find it time to give thanks and start planning for next year. With the winter meeting season before us, I find that taking in a few meetings is useful to find ways to improve our farming practices.

A pair of excellent annual meetings have already concluded. Congratulations to MN Farm Bureau and MN Farmers Union. Also, the AgriGrowth meeting during the middle of this past month was successful, as always.

The common theme was a correlation of prosperity to the condition of the nation’s infrastructure. This rang true with me because I represent the soybean industry on the Upper Mississippi Waterway Association Board of directors. One of my main objectives is to keep our product moving!

At the Food Security Dialog last month, which is held by the MN Economic Club, we were reminded to operate in a culture of transparency. Information and social movements travel so fast that the time to defend yourself is before hand, while reacting is often too late.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the soybean pre-resolution meeting Dec. 2 in Mankato. Also, mark your calendar for our annual meeting on Jan. 27-28. Things are coming together for a fun and valuable gathering.