MSGA upset by ag budget target announced by Walz, DFL

 The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) is extremely disappointed in the global biennium budget agreement announced between Gov. Tim Walz and DFL legislative leaders.

“This global budget agreement is not indicative to agriculture’s importance to Minnesota,” MSGA President Bob Worth said. “Agriculture is 30 percent of the GDP in Minnesota, and this proposal limits the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s ability to do the work it needs to do.”

Gov. Walz’s original biennium budget proposal to legislators was a step in the right direction for moving agriculture forward in Minnesota. The new target leaves many challenges and demands on agriculture unfunded.

“This is a step back from the governor’s original proposal,” said Joe Smentek, executive director for MSGA. “We’re extremely disappointed that this new budget proposal seems to forget that agriculture plays a vital role in the state’s economic growth, including the surplus our state leaders divvied up in this agreement.”

Worth said it’s disappointing to see how little agriculture is considered in this budget recommendation.

“The global deal really needs to be looked at when it comes to agriculture,” Worth said. “This is a very disappointing target for Minnesota agriculture. We hope they’ll come to realize with all the demands agriculture is facing that this budget proposal needs to be reconsidered.”

About the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association

MSGA is a nonpartisan, farmer-controlled advocacy organization established in 1962. The organization represents the interests of Minnesota’s nearly 28,000 soybean farmers. MSGA’s goal is to ensure profitable soybean farming by influencing favorable farm legislation, monitoring government policies and supporting research and market development activities.  

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