Research fuels performance for Peterson Farms Seed

September 29, 2022 / Categories: Association News, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association

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At Peterson Farms Seed, the importance of replicated testing takes on a whole new meaning.

The family-owned company boasts a rigorous testing program — more extensive than any other independent seed company in the region — all to ensure producers can access much-needed information during seed selection.

The Peterson Farms Seed soybean variety portfolio is backed by a replicated testing program that boasts over 28,000 trials across three states. 

According to lead agronomist Rick Swenson, Peterson Farms Seed draws from a larger germplasm pool than ever: 1,500 unique varieties from multiple breeding programs.

“Our job as a seed company — and we take it very seriously — is to try to sort through all the available products so that [farmers] don’t have to,” Swenson told farmers at their August field day. “A mistake on the farm is not acceptable to me.”

Trait variations also abound, he added, which is why his team tests all available soybean herbicide traits — conventional, RR2Y, RR2X, Enlist E3, XtendFlex, LibertyLink and LibertyLink GT27 — across 43 different locations in the Upper Midwest.

The amount of testing performed helps Peterson Farms Seed sort through environmental differences to identify the best genetics for each customer according to their unique soil types and conditions.

Peterson Farms Seed also engages in continuous agronomic testing to assess the impact of factors such as planting date, planting speed, planting depth and row spacing.

President Carl Peterson will tell you all this work is central to his company’s mission. “We get to help farmers find ways, whether through the seed or through changes to their agronomic practices, to increase the bushels they produce,” he said. “That is what we think about every day when we come to work.”

To learn more about Peterson Farms Seed’s 2023 soybean portfolio, visit www.petersonfarmsseed.com or call 866-481-7333.

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