Theresia Gillie: New Position, New Goals

Theresia Gillie

Theresia Gillie

Last month, I was elected vice president of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) and appointed chair to the advocacy action team. Before being elected, I have been active within the organization for 7 years and held other elected positions. My background in agriculture is a little different than others, as I was not a farmer by birth. I grew up in a small town and majored in accounting at the University of Minnesota.

I was introduced to agriculture when I married a farmer. My husband Keith, son Bryce, and I now grow soybeans and wheat by Hallock, Minn. I manage our farm’s marketing, accounting, insurance, government regulation compliance and fieldwork.

Growing up outside of agriculture, I realized how much of a disconnect there was between consumers and those growing our food. This is a large reason as to why I got involved in an organization like the MSGA.

As MSGA vice president and chair of the advocacy action team, I have decided to pick up where Paul Freeman left off and write about legislative issues, membership, and why your voice is so important to this grassroots organization. My goal in these positions is to inspire county organizations to become more involved and have your voices heard. I know many of you have issues that you are passionate about. We need your voice. My ears are open and I am excited to take on this new role.