Training begins on Minnesota-specific dicamba restrictions for 2022 growing season

March 3, 2022 / by Minnesota Department of Agriculture Categories: Association News, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has approved registrant dicamba training that will include the below restrictions via a supplemental label. MDA received more than 300 dicamba drift related complaints during the 2021 growing season. For the 2022 growing season, the MDA is working with the EPA and the registrants of the three dicamba products, XtendiMax, Engenia and Tavium on supplemental labeling that would include the following restrictions brought forward by the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association Drift Task Force.

  • Cutoff date:  Do not apply south of interstate 94 after June 12th. Do not apply north of interstate 94 after June 30th.
  • Cutoff Temperature:  Do not apply if the air temperature of the field at the time of application is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit or Service’s forecasted high temperature for the nearest available location for the day exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

EPA must provide final approval of the proposed supplemental labels for XtendiMax, Engenia and Tavium before they take effect. EPA approved supplemental label must be in the user’s possession during application. Compliance with both the master product label and the supplemental label is required to use these products safely and effectively. The final supplemental labels will be posted on manufacturer’s web site. Check the company’s web site to download the supplemental label prior to application of any of these three dicamba products. 

Dicamba is an important tool in combating herbicide resistant weeds in DT soybeans. Products containing dicamba can cause serious damage to non-dicamba-tolerant soybeans and to other sensitive crop and non-crop plants. MDA wishes to preserve this tool for farmers. However, it must be used without impacts on neighboring crops, homes, farms and gardens.

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