AgCentric Helps to Bolster Minnesota’s Ag Education

With a need for more professionals to joining the ag workforce, Tuesday’s announcement that three Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) schools have teamed together to form AgCentric came as welcomed news.

AgCentric, MNSCU’s Center of Excellence in Agriculture, is made up of Central Lakes College, Ridgewater College and Northalnd Community and Technical College. Its goal is to develop and support excellence in agricultural, natural resources and horticulture programs, and career pathways in partnership with K-12, government, other academic institutions and the industry.

AgCentric boasts a commitment to developing and delivering the latest and most advanced agricultural knowledge and training in the region by connecting students, industry and education to meet the evolving demands of 21st century global agriculture.

“We were glad to hear about the AgCentric effort being put forward by the three MNSCU colleges,” said Mike Youngerberg, Senior Director of Field Services for Minnesota Soybean. “With agriculture being such a large part of Minnesota’s economy there is truly a need for highly skilled individuals to support its many needs into the future.”

Each college in the AgCentric consortium has a rich tradition in providing innovative agricultural education and a proven track record in offering successful workforce development and farm management programs.