Karolyn Zurn

Agri-Women Plant Knowledge at 2015 Conference

The Chaska Landscape Arboretum was alive with discussion and networking Wednesday as the Minnesota Agri-Women gathered to host its 17th Annual Leadership Conference. The theme, “Agriculture 2015: Planting Our Future,” symbolized American Agri-Women’s 40th anniversary.

“With this year’s leadership conference, we really wanted to focus on who women in agriculture are and how far we’ve come,” said Karolyn Zurn, President of Minnesota Agri-Women and a Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) director. “I think it is important that people understand what the Minnesota Agri-Women Organization is and what we do.”

Barb Overlie

Former MSGA Director and American Soybean Director Barb Overlie speaks to attendees at the 17th annual Minnesota Agri-Women’s Leadership Conference.

The conference consisted of multiple session speakers, breakout sessions and roundtable discussions that focused on succession planning and engaging those with non-agriculture backgrounds.

Erica Nelson, Communications Assistant for Minnesota Turkey Growers, said that when looking at urban classrooms, there’s a lot that can be done. Nelson said classrooms should start incorporating agriculture into math and science classes to show how agriculture is tied to other industries.

The day ended with Al Kluis, commodity advisor and broker for Kluis Commodities, giving a market outlook for U.S. corn and soybean farmers.

“Understanding prices means understanding supply,” Kluis said in terms of the ever-changing price and factors that influence the future market. “Learn more so you can earn more.”