ASA DuPont Young Leader

ASA Dupont Young Leader Program Tabs Two from Minn.

This is the second year Minnesota has had two participants in leadership program

The American Soybean Association (ASA) DuPont Young Leader Program announced recently that it has accepted two Minnesota applicants for the 2016 Young Leader Program.

Congratulations to Taylor and Rebecca Tesch of Sabin, Minn., as well as Rodd and Jamie Beyer of Wheaton, Minn.

“Rodd and I are excited to jointly participate in the DuPont Young Leader Program,” Jamie Beyer said. “Although this is an exciting time in agriculture, the industry is increasingly becoming more complex, and we anticipate that our time in the Young Leader program will provide many opportunities to learn and develop improved farm management and conversation methods.”

Rodd Beyer said there is a need for communication when it comes to agriculture.

“Through a newsletter that we created for our landlords and the generations behind them, it became apparent that there is a great need to get not only information into the hands of others about agriculture, but the right information,” he said. “We are excited to learn more about agriculture and also meet other soybean growers from across the country.”

Taylor and Rebecca Tesch said being accepted into the program is an honor.

“We are looking forward to this experience, as Rebecca and I enjoy anything that will broaden our knowledge about agriculture,” Taylor Tesch said. “We want to also grow and be strong advocates for agriculture. With all the information out there about agriculture, and with so many thoughts and opinions, I want to learn how I can effectively communicate and be educated in my conversations with those who have different views. We are here to learn.”

Tesch said he is also pleased that his wife could join him in this experience, as both are involved on the farm. Rebecca Tesch is also a seed saleswoman for DuPont Pioneer. She is looking forward to the program and the impact it will have on her various roles in agriculture.

The ASA DuPont Young Leader Program is a two-part training program that offers participants the opportunity to strengthen their natural leadership skills, expand their agricultural knowledge and develop strong peer relationships with other soybean growers from across the country.