DieselSellerz keep on truckin’ at Farmfest

The DieselSellerz, stars of Discovery’s “Diesel Brothers,” made their highly anticipated appearance at Farmfest Thursday morning. The four bearded buddies, who are building a truck for the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSR&PC), posed for photos and chatted with fans of all stripes for more than an hour during their meet-and-greet in the Minnesota Soybean booth.

“We’re really pleased to have the DieselSellerz here to help us promote biodiesel and show why B20 is good for all Minnesotans,” says Jim Willers, MSR&PC director from Rock County. “They know their diesel, and do a great job of engaging with their fans. They’re a fun bunch.”

A customized Dodge truck built by the DieselSellerz was the main attraction in Minnesota Soybean’s booth, attracting the attention of thousands of Farmfest attendees. MSR&PC gave away free “Biodiesel: Minnesota Tough” hats to attendees who pledged to support higher blends of biodiesel, or asked an MSR&PC director a question related to biodiesel.

“This might’ve been the busiest I’ve ever seen our booth,” says Tom Slunecka, Minnesota Soybean CEO. “The enthusiasm was apparent. We really enjoyed conversing with folks and letting the public know that biodiesel is good for the economy, good for the environment and good for Minnesota.”

On Wednesday night, the DieselSellerz appeared at a tractor pull at the Redwood County Fairgrounds. Other highlights of the three-day Farmfest included a chance for attendees to be entered into a private meet-and-greet at the 2018 MN Ag Expo. Several politicians, some of whom signed a pledge to support B20, stopped by Minnesota Soybean’s booth to talk with farmer leaders.

“Farmfest is always a great opportunity to interact with legislators and explain why it’s vital they support Minnesota agriculture,” says Bob Worth, Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) secretary. “It’s also a prime time to recruit new members and show them the importance of an MSGA membership.”

The DieselSellerz will return to Minnesota in January for MN Ag Expo, where they will unveil a diesel truck built for MSR&PC.

“It’s an exciting time. If this truck at Farmfest is any indication, the DieselSellerz are going to build an incredible diesel truck for Minnesota Soybean,” says MSR&PC Director Kris Folland. “I can’t wait to see the final product these guys come up with.”

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