Adorkable Felfie

Felfie Photo Contest Round Two

Month number two of Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council’s first farm photo contest has begun! Last month was successful, ending with winner Laura Compart taking home the first of three $500 Sears Gift Cards.

For the Adorkable Felfie contest, MSR&PC is asking you, Minnesota farmers, to submit your favorite farm selfie, or other photo, that captures the funny or quirky side of farming. Simply submit your favorite farm selfie or photo that shows a day in your life on the farm, using the Facebook Adorkable Felfie app.

You can win the second of three $500 Sears Gift Cards by sharing the photo with family and friends, encouraging them to vote for your submission. Of course, the most votes will win at the end of our four week period.

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council is excited to present its first ever Facebook photo contest. We fund research for soybean profitability; increase markets for soybean farmers and educate farmers and non-farmers about soybeans. And now we want Minnesota soybean farmers to show off their proudest moments on the farm! Good luck!