Adorkable Felfie

First Adorkable Felfie Winner Proud to Promote Agriculture

Congratulations to our first Adorkable Felfie monthly photo contest winner, Laura Compart!

Compart, 25, grew up on her family hog, corn and soybean farm near Nicollet, Minn. She is currently a farm hand for K Bar K Cattle Company near Litchfield, Minn. Compart said that growing up on her family farm has definitely influenced the person she is today.

Laura Compart won the first Adorkable Felfie contest with her "They're wild" Felfie entry.

Laura Compart won the first Adorkable Felfie contest with her “They’re wild” Felfie entry.

“My parents thankfully are incredibly supportive for all of our crazy ideas growing up in 4-H and wanting to show all livestock species,” Compart said. “But we also went into everything with the mindset of ‘if you’re going to do it you will work your way up’. Growing up this way has made a great approach to everything I have done in my short life thus far. Not being afraid to roll our sleeves up, get dirty just to get the job done.”

The photo Compart submitted for the Felfie contest was taken while working on the K Bar K’s farm.

“I was in the middle of getting their calves broke to tie and lead, while “Buffalo Gal” was being extra cute. I caught this shot at the same time and originally sent it to my parents with the headline “They’re wild.”

She said that as soon as she heard about the Felfie contest, this photo was immediately the one she thought of submitting. Compart attributes growing up on the hog farm for knowing how valuable soybeans are to livestock nutrition.

“The most interesting part of the soybean industry is the diversity; who would have thought a little round object can be turned into a crayon or diesel fuel? But yet it can be turned around to be a yummy snack as well,” Compart said.

Compart has won a $500 Sears Gift Card as her prize for gaining the largest number of fan votes for our contest’s first month. The Adorkable Felfie photo contest is now in month two of the competition for those excited to share their farming photos with us and compete for votes! Go to to learn more.

The contest is brought to you by the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council. MSR&PC funds research for soybean profitability, to increase markets for soybean farmers and educate farmers and non-farmers about soybeans. And we are excited to give Minnesota soybean farmers the opportunity to show off their proudest moments on the farm!