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Meints: Another Tool in the GMO Discussion

I’d like to take a moment to highlight a recent article posted on AgProfessional Friday, August 26.


Paul Meints

The article introduces the searchable Genetic Engineering Risk Atlas (GENERA) a privately funded project of Biology Fortified, Inc. a non-profit entity engaged in discussion on biological issues in agriculture. Their current work shows that half of all GMO focused research is funded by government agencies and independent non-profit organizations suggesting that unbiased research into GMO safety is ongoing. This is in contrast to common anecdotal reporting that all GMO research is funded by entities that profit from the science and thus result in pro-GMO bias.

As you continue to talk with friends and neighbors who may not be involved in agriculture, have in your memory facts about the science of agriculture and resources such as the one listed here. Use these to help them search for and understand the truth about the crops we produce.

Dr. Paul Meints is the Research Program Manager at MN Soybean and has an MS in plant breeding and genetics and a PhD in Seed Physiology.