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Minnesota Soybean Leaders Dub Farmfest 2015 at Success

For two organizations with separate paths to a shared goal, Farmfest can be the perfect time to work together to help farmers, legislators and attendees better understand the soybean industry in Minnesota.

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) and the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC), housed under the Minnesota Soybean tent, spent the better part of three days explaining the differences and similarities between the two organizations. The two organizations also kicked off a new era at Minnesota Soybean, unveiling new logos to go along with the Minnesoyta campaign.

Keith SchraderMSR&PC Chairman Keith Schrader, who did several interviews promoting the value of the soybean checkoff and upcoming opportunities, said interviewers had fun with the new campaign.

“One lady, she marveled at the thought process of Minnesoyta and kept using it throughout her interview,” he said. “She even threw a little Norwegian accent into it and had some fun with Minnesoyta. That was great.”

Schrader said MSR&PC directors were busy with interviews and questions from farmers and non-farmers about the soybean checkoff of how the Council wisely invests checkoff money.

MSGA President Paul Freeman said people noticed the new look and the new MSGA logo, and he was pleased with the number of people who came out to learn more about MSGA.

“I thought it was a very good event,” he said. “It seems like we’re getting more politicians stopping through.”

freemanFreeman said Farmfest allowed MSGA directors to tell members and non-members how they worked on behalf of Minnesota soybean farmers during the past legislative session, especially with topics like the buffer bill.

“When I was able to explain we had a seat at the table and we were in the room during buffer discussions, that helped a few more soybean farmers become members.”

MSR&PC Vice Chairman Craig Bangasser said each year he gains a greater appreciation for Farmfest.

“While I work on the Council side, I find it very helpful that politicians come to our booth,” he said. “When they speak to a Council member, they learn a little bit more about the soybean checkoff and how it works to make Minnesota soybean farmers more profitable. And then watching the men and women of the MSGA interact with politicians and bend their ears on issues important to me and other soybean farmers, that just helps me see the importance of both organizations’ roles at events like Farmfest.”

Interactive learning table

One of the busier areas of the Minnesota Soybean tent was the interactive children’s table, which featured different aspects of farming, including a few of the crops farmers grow and animals they raise, the modes of transportation for moving soybeans, and even buffer strips along a river.childrens table

The table also was complete with messages about conservation, biodiesel transportation and research for the waiting parents.

MSR&PC plans to display the table at other events, so be on the lookout.

Minnesota Biodiesel Pull Off

MSR&PC helped sponsor the annual Minnesota Biodiesel Pull Off Tuesday at the Redwood County Fairgrounds in Redwood Falls, Minn.

GatorThe United Pullers of Minnesota event showcases the power of biodiesel. This year, MSR&PC held a Power Wheels John Deere Gator drawing during Farmfest and at the tractor pull. Siblings Anthony and Amelia Ubl, were the proud winners of the gator.

MSR&PC chairman Craig Bangasser presented the Gator to the children along with their father, Russ, of Wabasso, Minn.

Congratulations to the Ubls.