MN Soybean “Get to Know Your Checkoff Leaders” – Rochelle Krusemark

A longtime advocate of the Ag in the Classroom program, Rochelle Krusemark has brought her love of agriculture to kids across Minnesota. Krusemark did not grow up on a farm, but her experiences in both urban and rural settings help her connect with the children she teaches.

“So many of the kids I talk to have no idea that ag is so large and vast in its opportunities,” she says. “This is when I like to share with them that no matter what they’re interested in, every one of them could find a career in agriculture.”

Krusemark currently raises soybeans, corn and hogs on her Trimont-based farm, and also works as a crop insurance adjuster. She is also the current Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSR&PC) chair of the Industry Relations action team and represents district eight on the board.

Many of Krusemark’s peers had encouraged her to join the checkoff council’s board of directors. And, once she was elected, she was drawn in by the idea of working with children and teaching them that so much of what they use on a day-to-day basis has been touched by soybeans. By working with Ag in the Classroom, the Minnesota soybean checkoff is able to send representatives like Krusemark into classrooms across the state.

“I always like to share with kids all the different everyday items that are made either entirely or partially of soybeans,” says Krusemark. “Like their crayons, types of ink and a lot of the food they eat. They’re always so impressed to learn what soybeans can help make.”

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