MN Soybean Poll Debunks Diesel Shortages; Harvest Nearing End

While concerns of diesel shortages throughout Minnesota during harvest season have been whispered here and there, a recent Minnesota Soybean survey showed that 92 percent of people who responded had not experienced diesel shortages during harvest.

Of the 8 percent who did experience diesel shortages, 3 percent each were in southwest and northwest Minnesota. The other reported diesel shortages occurred in south-central Minnesota.

Mike Youngerberg

Mike Youngerberg

“This just confirms what we already knew—diesel shortages are cyclical and happen every harvest,” said Mike Youngerberg, Minnesota Soybean senior field director. “With harvest, diesel shortages get taxed. Logistics are really driving the issue of where to acquire diesel, and biodiesel isn’t the culprit.”

The finding echoed earlier findings by Minnesota-based fuel consultant Meg Corp., which showed shortages to be isolated and a by-product of a busy harvest season.

Participants were surveyed through social media channels as well as at the organized county board level. Respondents reported soybean harvest was 100 percent complete. As of Tuesday, Nov. 4, 38 percent of people responding said they were 75 percent done with corn harvest. An additional 31 percent said they were 100 percent done with corn harvest while 31 percent of respondents were less than 50 percent done with corn harvest.

When it came to basis, the answers varied across the board. Thirty percent of respondents said they expect to see a basis that is 10 to 24 cents lower than the five-year average basis for October. Twenty-two percent of the farmers surveyed expected their basis to be the same as the five year average, while 20 percent expected the basis to be 10-24 cents higher.