MSR&PC directors evaluate Indonesian Market

Hello all,Indonesia mission

Things are going very well in Indonesia as Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council director Gene Stoel and I have been touring parts of Bogor, Indonesia. We met up with Dady Maskar, the soyfoods program manager for the USSEC Indonesia office in Jakarta, which isn’t too far from Bogor. Gene and I are evaluating the investment of Minnesota soybean checkoff dollars into the Indonesia market because it is the fifth largest importer of U.S. soybeans. As with all investment of soybean checkoff dollars, we are constantly evaluating the use of farmers’ money to make sure that our investments link back to farmer profitability.

In Indonesia, 70 percent of soybean usage goes to tempeh, with 27 percent going to tofu. With consumption levels like these, it is no wonder Indonesia has become a good business partner and an important market for U.S. soybeans.

On our mission, we’ve also met with chicken integrators, who are large customers of soybeans. We have been pushing the value of Essential Amino Acids (EAA), which are essential to the complete growth of livestock and poultry. We’ve put an emphasis on EAAs with our customers rather than crude protein, or CP, because we have found northern soybeans to contain a higher value of the critical amino acids essential for a healthy diet. Overall, the people we have spoken to here are interested in learning more about EAAs, which is good news for Minnesota soybean farmers as we continue to push our superior product.