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MSR&PC, Donors Honored at Wally Nelson Endowment Reception

Wally Nelson 2

left to right: Mike Youngerberg, Wally Nelson (sitting) and Tom Slunecka

The Minnesota Soybean Research and Production Council (MSR&PC) was honored May 18 at an event celebrating the Wally Nelson Endowed Chair in Crop Production position for their substantial investment into the endowment. Tom Slunecka, Executive Director, and Mike Youngerberg, Senior Director of Field Services, were present at the reception.

Wally Nelson was best known for his role in starting the University of Minnesota Southwest Research and Outreach Center (SWROC) in Lamberton, Minn., and for his countless hours of work in research and production agriculture. From the start of the outreach center to his retirement, Nelson focused on ways to increase production while relaying his applicable research to area farmers.

“The Southwest Research and Outreach Center is a valuable asset to Minnesota soybean farmers,” Slunecka said. “The research that has been done by Wally Nelson and the Center has allowed farmers to produce higher yields, improving their productivity.”

The objective of the Wally Nelson endowed chair is to establish a permanent faculty position at the SWROC and to provide ongoing leadership for crop production research, extension and education efforts throughout southwest Minnesota.

Axel Garcia y Garcia was named as the newest faculty member who will fill the Wally Nelson Endowed Faculty in Crop Production position at SWROC. His research will focus on crop rotations, cover crops and cultural practices in cropping systems to optimize yield.

“MSR&PC is honored to invest into the endowment, which will ensure the newest faculty member, Axel Garcia y Garcia, can continue the great research and work of Nelson,” said Slunecka.