MSR&PC to Launch Learning and Leadership Program

Project Grow Provides Tools to Farm Smarter, Lead Better

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) continuously works to increase opportunities for Minnesota soybean farmers. With continuing advancements in farming practices and increasing business complexity, a new program providing innovative ways to evolve both leadership and farm management skills supports that mission and helps farmers maximize success. MSR&PC launched Project Grow, a new learning and leadership development program for Minnesota farmers, at this month’s Ag Expo in Mankato.

Project Grow is a program developed for Minnesota farmers that is meant to aid learning; both in new farm management practices and leadership skills. The program will provide learning options for all types of farmers and include webinars, various in-person events and online content. These offerings will be created for Project Grow and utilize new content, and resources gathered from partner organizations in Minnesota, as well as in the industry. More information on Project Grow can be found at www.mnsoybean.org/ProjectGrow.

“Farming is becoming more sophisticated, and to be successful going forward, farmers will continually need to learn new skills and refine the ones they have,” says Tom Slunecka, chief executive officer of Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council. “Younger farmers are hungry for information that helps them run their farm better and helps them constantly improve their leadership skills, both in their own communities and in the broader industry.”

The initiative is an ongoing, blended learning approach providing quick takeaways that farmers can immediately put into practice in their operations. The goal of the program is to help farmers move both their farming operation and their leadership skills, as well as their corresponding influence, forward.

“Farming will be different for the next generation,” says Vernon Pooch, chairman of the Education Action Committee for the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council. “It’s wise to use our checkoff dollars to help equip these farmers with the skills, industry advancements and leadership opportunities they will need now and in the future.”

Through Project Grow, MSR&PC delivers on its mission of helping Minnesota farmers increase their business opportunities through ongoing skill and personal development. For more information on Project Grow, visit www.mnsoybean.org/ProjectGrow.


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