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NBB Ramps up Biodiesel Support with “Coast-to-Coast” Campaign

The soybean checkoff can be seen in action in many places, from the varieties of soybeans we grow in Minnesota, to the markets open here and abroad to sell those soybeans, to the variety of uses for soybeans, such as biodiesel.

The development and the advancement of biodiesel can be directly linked to soybean checkoff investments. More recently, the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council (MSR&PC) invested soybean checkoff dollars into the National Biodiesel Board’s informational campaign, “Coast-to-Coast,” which raises awareness about the advancements of biodiesel and encourages usage.

“Coast-to-Coast” focuses on success stories of biodiesel, such as St. Louis International Airport’s use of B20, (20 percent biodiesel) year round to fuel its runways sweepers, tow trucks, de-icers, rescue trucks and its emergency generator, or San Francisco-based Incredible Adventures’ use of B99 to fuel its fleet of passenger mini-coaches.

The campaign also features a “Coast-to-Coast” biodiesel commercial, which is targeted for TV and online ad spots.

The campaign, testimonials and commercial can be viewed at