possible diesel shortages

Refinery Maintenance Could Impact Diesel Supply During Harvest

The demand for diesel fuel is always high during the harvest season, which causes fuel distributors to wait in long lines and travel further distances to get diesel from the terminal. This situation causes delays to customers who ordinarily get loads upon request.

This fall we could experience a tighter than normal squeeze on diesel supplies as three Midwest refineries prepare for maintenance in September. Flint Hills refinery in the Twin Cities, Coffeyville Resources in Kansas and Wood River Refining in Illinois will all have limited production. This will put stress on diesel supplies in the Midwest throughout the harvest season.

Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council suggests farmers fill their tanks as soon as possible. Using higher blends of biodiesel such as B20, will help stretch the diesel supply since there is plenty of biodiesel available in the Midwest. Conservatively, B20 will perform down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit without any winter additives or No. 1 diesel.

Lisa Pedderson is Operations Manager at MEG Corp Fuel Consulting. For general diesel and biodiesel questions or for help troubleshooting fuel quality and filter plugging issues, contact the Diesel Helpline at 1-800-929-3437 or email info@megcorpmn.com.