Yields Strong as Minnesota Soybean Harvest in Full Swing

Several farmers reporting 50-65 bushels per acre

Minnesota’s soybean harvest is in full swing, and reports from around the state give a snapshot of a strong soybean crop with above average yields.

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association President Paul Freeman, who farms in Pope County, said soybean harvest in his county has passed the halfway point.

“I’d say the county is about 60 percent done and changing by about 1 percent per hour,” he said. “We’ve had excellent harvest conditions and weather.”

Freeman said he has been encouraged so far this harvest season.

“We’re over half done with beans and everything has been consistently good,” he said. “The yield monitor doesn’t have the high and low spikes this year.”

Reports from other areas in the north have yields in the mid 40 bushels per acre range, which is a strong yield because of the shortened growing season northern farmers experience.

In the far north, near the Canadian border, a tough spring led to a tough summer. Heavy rain events and hail damaged are threatening the yields in some fields.

Hundreds of miles away, in the southeastern part of the state, averages of 50-65 bushel soybeans are being reported. The same can be said of the southwestern part of the state.

In south-central Minnesota, progress has been slower, but early averages are promising. The big concern for many has been white mold.

“I think it’s a year of two extremes,” MSGA Director Mike Petefish said. “The good is some of the best. The white mold is some of the worst. I’d say it’ll probably be above average when it’s all said and done.”