Growing in a Global Market

The world market is growing faster than ever before. Today’s farmer feeds 155 people compared to 26 people in 1960. The MSR&PC focuses on four key areas within Market Development: New markets, livestock, trade relations and transportation. All four pillars play a role in developing and maintaining these markets.

New Markets

To help develop markets at home and abroad, the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council funds projects that help develop new markets and strengthen existing markets for Minnesota Soybean farmers.


Livestock is the number one customer of soybeans, with 98 percent of soybean meal being used to feed livestock. Exports from livestock are also an important part of the equation. Check out how Minnesota soybeans play an important part in a growing meat export market.

Trade Relations

Minnesota Soybean hosts many trade teams throughout the year. The MSR&PC also sponsors trade teams to travel to overseas soybean markets to assess the value of the soybean checkoff at work abroad. Cultivating relationships is a key component to opening new markets for Minnesota soybean producers. If you are interested in hosting an international trade team, contact Minnesota Soybean Director of Market Development Kim Nill at or 507-388-1635.


Never in our time has transportation been so vital to the success of farming than now. The journey from our fields to countries abroad is as important to maintaining relationships as the quality of the product. If we grow a quality product but can’t ship the soybeans to a final destination in a timely manner, than all quality is lost. We take pride in the entire product, from the fields we grow our soybeans in, to the route it takes to its final destination.