Discovering the World of Soybeans

Research is one of the most important efforts the MSR&PC supports. The results of that research are paying dividends. Soybeans, which were initially produced as a cover crop, are now grown from one end of Minnesota to the other, including in areas where soy production was thought to be nearly impossible. Farmers have also benefited from research into yield-robbing pests and diseases. By supporting public research, the MSR&PC is doing its part to maintain and increase producer profitability.

The MSR&PC focuses its research on three main objectives: improving yields through genetics, improving agronomic practices and improving pest management.

Each year the MSR&PC funds research that contributes to a steady increase in soybean yields, greater variety availability, improved pest management options and much more. If not for the support of farmers and their checkoff funds, it is unlikely Minnesota would have grown to become one of the nation’s top soybean producing states.