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Faces of MSGA: Danielle Evers

November-December 2023

Growing up in town didn’t stop Danielle Evers from working on her family farm in Cottonwood County or staying connected to the ag industry.

Her parents, Kay and Dale Evers, have been involved with their local Cottonwood Corn & Soybean Growers Association for as long as she can remember. This is how Evers learned of an ambassadorship with Minnesota Soybean.

“I was in college and looking for internships within the ag industry, but I found out about the ambassador program and that was something that really interested me because I’ve always liked the idea of promoting ag in some way,” Evers said. “I thought that it’d be a good experience seeing what Minnesota Soybean really does.”

MSGA Member Danielle Evers helps farmers enroll in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program.

She worked at events like Farmfest and parades during her Minnesota Soybean internship.

“Learning how to network was a huge thing,” Evers said. “It jump-started me in the ag career I ended up choosing.” Evers received her bachelor’s degree in agronomy from South Dakota State University (SDSU).

She currently works as a southwest Minnesota certification specialist with the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP). Her journey came full circle in August 2023 when she attended an event honoring MSGA President Bob Worth for his water quality certification.

“I don’t know that I would necessarily keep on my membership if I hadn’t gone through the experience and realized this has a real benefit to our whole community,” Evers said.


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