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Faces of MSGA: Jim Compart

July-August 2022

Visit the Compart family farm on any given day and you might think you stumbled into a holiday get-together. It’s a family affair: Jim Compart runs a hog, corn and soybean operation – Compart’s Boar Store, Inc. – in Nicollet alongside his wife and son, his two brothers and their wives, and a nephew. In turn, the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association goes to work for the Comparts by protecting their livelihood.

“I just have a very strong feeling for being an advocate for farming,” Compart said.

Jim Compart and his family.

A strong presence in the hog industry prompted Compart to serve on the National Pork Council board for six years and the Minnesota Pork Producers board for nine years. His experience helped him recognize the vital relationship between legislators and their constituents.

“I realize that it’s very important that legislators and farmers get together,” said Compart. “The legislators that get voted in have people that will back them up and work with them to try to make a difference.”

When it comes to politics, it can be easy to go down the rabbit hole of believing that your voice won’t be heard. Compart has wise words to deter that line of thinking.

“A lot of people say, ‘Well I’m one person. I’m not important.’ But you know, you’re very important,” said Compart. “It’s very important that farmers work together in support of our industry.”

Compart hopes more farmers join him as MSGA members.

“It takes a group effort, and a group voice needs to be put together to get things done the way we need to get them done,” he said.


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