Minnesota Soybean Business

Faces of MSGA: Ryan Weinkauf

March-April 2022

Ryan Weinkauf didn’t join the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association to sit back and let everyone else do the work.

“I thought that I had a good voice,” he says. “I wanted to be involved and help the organization grow.”

This outlook is what spurred him to be active at the county level. Today, Weinkauf is Pipestone County’s board chair.

Ryan Weinkauf has been raising pigs since 1999. He’s raising a son, Jaxson.

“I wanted to give a name and face to relevant issues and explain my side of the story,” Weinkauf says, “because a lot of people don’t understand agriculture and policy issues.”

To Weinkauf, being a member of MSGA means staying in the loop on issues that matter to Minnesota farmers.

“It helps keep me aware of what’s happening at the state level with laws,” he says. “Then I can give my two cents and help influence policy. I’m made aware of issues coming down the pipeline that’s going to affect me on the farm.”

At the county level, Weinkauf enjoys giving back to organizations such as 4H and FFA.

“We allocate the dollars we get and spend 100% of everything to help local organizations in our county,” Weinkauf says. “It’s a highlight every year and is very rewarding.”

Weinkauf raises corn and soybeans in a rotation, as well as hogs in wean to finish barns.


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