Minnesota Soybean Business

Faces of MSGA: Sen. Aric Putnam

September-October 2023

Sen. Aric Putnam joined the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association after visiting with directors at Farmfest and MSGA’s August board meeting.

“MSGA does it the right way,” Sen. Putnam said.

During the 2023 legislative session, Putnam chaired the Senate Agriculture Broadband and Rural Development Committee, which prides itself on bipartisanship. Putnam dedicated his chair position to improving the outlook of Minnesota and legislated by a guiding principle in 2023.

“We themed our work in the Senate around the voice of the farmer,” Putnam told directors.

Putnam, who represents District 14 in central Minnesota, spent his summer visiting dozens of farms across the state to learn more about agriculture’s concerns and priorities.

“One of the clearest things that can be said about agriculture in the state of Minnesota is that it is profoundly diverse,” Putnam said. “Finding incentives to help grow agriculture opportunity is our goal.”

Putnam appreciates the responsibility of his role and supports MSGA because the organization is a leading voice of an industry – agriculture – that is the state’s second largest economic driver.

“There is no other place than agriculture that is more dangerous for people to make decisions not knowing how it will impact those people,” he said.

Because Putnam is the first to admit he’s not a farming expert, the college communications professor respects MSGA’s proactive efforts to promote and defend farm-friendly policy at the Capitol.

“I’ve only been in the Senate for three years, but I’ve seen a variety of lobbyists and MSGA’s are among the absolute best,” Putnam said. “You are well represented in the advocates that you have at the Capitol.”


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