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Faces of MSGA: Seth Naeve

January-February 2024

Seth Naeve grew up on a corn and soybean farm in Iowa, where he first found his love for agriculture. After earning a PhD in agronomy at Iowa State University, Naeve has worked at the University of Minnesota (UMN) since 1998.

He is currently a professor of agronomy and plant genetics. Naeve researches soybean physiology and works with UMN Extension and the soy checkoff to educate growers and other clientele about soybeans.

“I get to work on important topics and research questions for farmers in Minnesota,” he said. “I feel very connected to the people that end up utilizing my research.”

A combination of his history with soybeans and parents who were involved in advocacy drove Naeve to join MSGA.

Seth Naeve supports MSGA through his membership.

“I’m an advocate for soybean production and soybean farmers,” said Naeve. “I wanted to support those farmers that support me in my position here at the (UMN).”

Working with farmers on a regular basis, Naeve sees how factors beyond farmers power can influence their operation, including weather, pricing structure and governmental policy.

“Fortunately for farmers in the U.S., we’ve had strong historical organizations like MSGA have significant power,” said Naeve. “However, they need farmers to engage and help make changes that they want to see.”

Naeve’s favorite part about becoming a member is sharing a common goal with his fellow industry professionals.

“You have a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself and interact with people along the way,” he said.

Want to talk agronomy with Naeve? You can find him among his fellow researchers on the trade show floor at MN Ag Expo!


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