Minnesota Soybean Business

Faces of MSGA: Gary Yost

July-August 2023

Gary Yost has been involved in the Traverse County Corn & Soybean Growers Association since its inception.

“I think we’ve been going on (for) maybe 12 or 13 years,” said Yost, who was on the original board and currently serves as treasurer. “We started out as just the Traverse County Corn Growers Association. When we were approached to add the Soybean Growers Association to our chapter, it did not take any convincing for me to sign up.”

Gary Yost (far right) supports MSGA because the organization advocates for value-added soy products.

Yost grew up on a dairy farm in South Dakota but attended high school in Browns Valley, Minn. After marrying his wife, Michelle, he started working with his father-inlaw to farm soybeans, wheat and corn while running a cow calf operation. Since then, Yost has become the owner of a Pioneer Seed dealership in Wheaton. Recently, his son, Parker, has started to take over and become involved in the operation by farming soybeans and corn and a cattle finishing operation.

“It’s awesome to be able to have three generations working at the same time on the farm,” Gary Yost said. “It’s great that Parker wants to, and is able, to work with us.”

When Yost is not in the field or at his dealership, he is active in his community. Besides serving on his county soybean board, Yost is also vice chair of his local school board in Wheaton. As a member of MSGA, he’s comfortable knowing MSGA is advocating for more value-added soybean products in the marketplace.

“It’s fun to see and hear the new uses of soybeans,” said Yost. “You just cannot go wrong by signing up to be a member.”


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