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The state of farming: US Farm Report to talk ag prices, outlook at MN AG EXPO

Tyne Morgan is living her dream. By the age of 16, Morgan knew she wanted to pursue a career in farm broadcasting when she provided farm market updates for her local radio station in Lexington, Mo.

“When you’re meant to do something, and an opportunity comes knocking on your door, you just have to have your eyes open to open that door,” Morgan says. “It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.”

The correspondent will be hosting a special taping of the U.S. Farm Report Thursday morning during MN AG EXPO, alongside DuWayne Bosse of Bolt Marketing and Tommy Grisafi of Advanced Trading.

“We’re going to be talking about the realities and hopefully do our best to help Minnesota farmers navigate these hectic and unpredictable prices for 2019,” Morgan says. “There are a lot of policy issues that are impacting farmers and trumping everything – no pun intended – are the tariffs.”

Still, Morgan says the panel will also accentuate the positive.

“We’re working our way out of this and I truly believe farmers have handled this downturn with grit and grace,” Morgan says. “There have been hard lessons, especially for young farmers, but we’re going to come out better for it.”

Tyne Morgan will be taping a special episode of U.S. Farm Report at MN AG EXPO.

Morgan lives in Indiana with her husband, James Hulsey, and their two daughters, but is planning to move back to her native Missouri. Her father was a Missouri politician and agriculture teacher, and her grandfather raised cattle and row crops. Morgan has also been heavily involved in FFA and was the 2006 Missouri State Fair Queen.

“Being in ag, the great part is everyone’s a big family,” she says.

Morgan travels often, and says Minnesota is one of her favorite destinations. Yes, even in the winter.

“I love Minnesota. Some of the friendliest farmers I’ve ever met are from Minnesota, and I truly mean that,” she says. “In Minnesota, it’s a warm feeling every time I go there.”

So, the ‘Minnesota nice’ cliché has merit?

“Yes!” Morgan says, laughing. “Every single person I’ve met there is the definition of Minnesota nice.”

In today’s ever-evolving media landscape, Morgan prides herself on accuracy, journalistic ethics and adapting to shifting trends.

“I’m a journalist at heart, and I strive for our stories to be correct,” she says. “With people getting their news straight from Twitter, it can be hard to clarify facts and report news in a timely manner. All you can do is make sure you’ve got your story straight.”

Morgan hopes spectators will emerge from her roundtable discussion aware of the perils facing agriculture, but also with a sense of resilience.

“It’s not all doom and gloom,” she says. “One of my favorite quotes is: ‘You don’t grow when things are easy, you grow when we face challenges.’ It’s been tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel.”


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