Frost Damage Being Assessed

An unwelcome early dose of frost across Minnesota over the weekend has left many soybean and corn farmers assessing the damage and wondering about their yield potential. Many areas of Minnesota saw temperatures dip below freezing at least once in the past week.

Damage reports are varied across Minnesota, with some areas being hit hard by frost while others escaped unscathed.

“There seems to be a great degree of variability in the frost damage both in terms of geography and genetics of the fields that were impacted,” says Paul Meints, director of research programs for Minnesota Soybean. 

Meints says information he has gathered from surveys and from scouting puts the estimated yield loss at 5-10 percent statewide. If the top 6-10 inches of the plant are lost, so too is much of the plants photosynthetic capabilities, meaning yields will be impacted.

With the late spring planting conditions throughout many regions of the state, the impact of this early frost was compounded.