MSGA Announces a $10 Recruiter Incentive

July 6, 2016 / Categories: Uncategorized

The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) is eager to announce a recruitment drive beginning July 1 through Aug. 31, and is offering a cash incentive to its recruiters for each member they sign up.

The objective is to reach MSGA’s 2016 membership goal of 3,810 by registering at least 600 new or returning members to MSGA. For each member who registers, the recruiter—who must be an active MSGA member—will receive $10. It does not matter the method in which the membership is achieved—in person or on the phone—as long as the recruiter’s name or number is on the membership application. To qualify for the $10 incentive, the recruiter’s name or number MUST be on the membership application.

With the help of recruiters, this is achievable—there are more than 1,800 expired MSGA memberships, and thousands more who have not enjoyed the benefits of MSGA membership.

“Those numbers can and must change now,” Bob Nelson, MSGA director says.

“It’s very important that we increase our numbers in MSGA,” Nelson says. “We need to bring back those (expired) members and bring in new members, too. Every member counts to make sure we have a voice.”

All membership applications need to be submitted or postmarked to the Minnesota Soybean office no later than Sept. 7.

Minnesota Soybean will provide any interested recruiters with a list of all active, expired and prospective members. If a member has not been active in MSGA for two years, they are considered a new member.

MSGA currently has more than 3,400 members and is the preeminent soybean membership organization in the United States. By increasing membership, MSGA ensures its voice is heard at the state and national level, continuing its effective policy work in St. Paul and Washington D.C. on behalf of Minnesota soybean farmers.

For further inquiries, please contact your Regional Communications Specialist or Veronica Bruckhoff at Veronica@mnsoybean.com

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