MSR&PC sponsoring UMN Strategic Farming sessions

January 10, 2019 / Categories: Uncategorized

The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) is sponsoring a series of “Strategic Farming – Maximum Return on Investment” sessions throughout the state this winter.

Click here for a full list of events or to register.

Topics will include:

Crop budgets: 

What are the key costs factors and what margin do we have to work with in the upcoming year?

Understanding ag research: 

All sources of information are not created equal. Review tips to help understand and critically evaluate ag research and marketing claims to make best management decisions.

What ROI can we expect with various crop and pest management strategies? 

What is the likelihood of seeing a return from a foliar fungicide application? Should we strive to build and maintain soil fertility test levels? When managing soybean aphid, what tactics are worth the investment? What should we be looking for when making seed and technology-trait decisions?

Best management practices for clean seed: 

Help ensure the marketability of rain by following key best management practices for clean seed.

Who should attend? 

If you farm or work with farmers and want to learn more about management strategies to maximize ROI, this program is for you.

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