MSR&PC Board of Directors

The board oversees the wise investment of checkoff dollars to increase profitability to Minnesota soybean farmers.

Board members are elected from every district of Minnesota to assure all soybean farmers have an equal voice in shaping policies and making decisions that help add to the profitability of soybean growers.

Board responsibilities & benefits

MSR&PC Board Members

Bill Zurn
  • District 1-2 & 3

Callaway, MN
Kris Folland
  • District 1-2 & 3

Halma, MN
Tom Frisch
  • District 4

Dumont, MN
Paul Freeman
  • District 4

Starbuck, MN
Patrick O’Leary
  • District 4

Benson, MN
Joe Serbus
  • District 5 & 6

Bird Island, MN
Pat Sullivan
  • District 5 & 6

Franklin, MN
Jim Willers
  • District 7

Luverne, MN
(USB Director)
Gene Stoel
  • District 7

Lake Wilson, MN
(USB Director)
Ron Obermoller
  • District 7

Brewster, MN
Rochelle Krusemark
  • District 8

Sherburn, MN
(USB Director)
Cole Trebesch
  • District 8

Springfield, MN
Phone: 507-227-3263
Gail Donkers
  • District 8

Faribault, MN
(Vice Chair)
Glen Groth
  • District 9

Ridgeway, MN
Ben Storm
  • District 9

Dover, MN
Lawrence Sukalski
  • USB Director Only

Fairmont, MN

Farmers choosing farmer leaders

One of the great things about the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) is that it is farmer led. And because the Council is made up of elected farmers, soybean producers have a voice in who directs their checkoff dollars.

How? Any person who owns or operates a soybean producing enterprise and shares in the profits and risk during the current or preceding marketing year is eligible to vote. Each producer unit is entitled to one vote. A voter must meet Minnesota’s general election voting age requirements. For additional guidelines, see below.

Becoming an MSR&PC board member

Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council directors are elected to three-year terms during annual commodity council elections conducted by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Interested candidates need to fill out a candidate certification form and a candidate biography form and email or mail completed forms to the Minnesota Soybean office no later than Jan. 22, 2024.

Email forms to Melinda Roberts at melinda@mnsoybean.com or mail to:

Minnesota Soybean
Attn: Melinda Roberts
1020 Innovation Ln.
Mankato, MN 56001

For more information contact: MSR&PC Election Chair Gail Donkers at 507-202-2042, or contact the MN Soybean office at 888-896-9678.

Board responsibilities & benefits

Responsibilities of MSR&PC directors include:

  • Be an active board member by attending MSR&PC board meetings, action team meetings and other Council functions. Directors will be prepared for board meetings, ask critical questions and help the board come to agreement in making decisions that benefit the profitability of Minnesota Soybean farmers.
  • Know or build your knowledge about the MSR&PC, USB and its governing Act and Order. Learn about MSR&PC and its role with USB. A Leadership Guide will be provided to all board members to assist you with this.
  • Stay informed of trends in the field of agriculture and timely issues affecting Minnesota soybean farmers.
  • Abstain from activities that may appear to create a conflict of interest. Follow the MSR&PC Code of Conduct.
  • Maintain confidentiality, as appropriate, of MSR&PC board issues and organization data.

Benefits of becoming a MSR&PC director include:

  • The chance to make an impact and assist in the future of Minnesota soybean farmers.
  • Input into the investment of Minnesota soybean checkoff dollars.
  • An opportunity to be recognized as a leader in the field of soybean agriculture.
  • Ability to attend one national USB Board Meeting per year.
  • Opportunity to develop and enrich your strategic business management skills.

Questions, comments & more

For more information contact: MSR&PC Election Chair Gail Donkers at 507-202-2042, or contact the MN Soybean office at 888-896-9678.

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