Working to increase Minnesota soybean farmer profitability

Working to increase Minnesota soybean farmer profitability

A partnership like no other…

With the move to B20 in May 2018, we’ve partnered with the DieselSellerz, stars of Discovery’s “Diesel Brothers” to promote higher blends of biodiesel.

Diesel Brothers 6×6 super duty truck unveiled at Commodity Classic

Your checkoff dollars return BIG dividends


Research funded by checkoff dollars to increase farmer profitability


Educational outreach to improve public awareness and debunk false myths


Market development to increase demand for Minnesota soybean products

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Minnesota is the top producer of food-grade soybeans in the nation


Gallons of biodiesel produced in MN – largely from MN grown soybeans


Percentage of farmers that say they get their soybean checkoff news from MN Soybean publications

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Biodiesel B20 and your bottom line

It is estimated that B20 will contribute 63 cents per bushel for Minnesota farmer’s bottom line.

Biodiesel is economic rocket fuel


Estimated economic benefit of B20 to MN economy


Estimated jobs related to B20 in MN


Pounds of CO2 reduced by switching to B20 in MN

Checkoff funded research