Joy for soy: MSGA director talks membership, raising next generation of farmers

Adam Guetter is a multigenerational family farmer from Redwood County and a proud member of the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association.

Growing up running machinery and being involved in his family’s farming operation sparked Guetter’s interest in agriculture. Fast forward several years, and Guetter can be found farming on the same land that his dad and uncles were raised on, growing soybeans and corn. Now, Adam and his wife, Melanie, are raising the next generation of farmers near Wabasso and giving them the same opportunity that he was afforded at a young age.

“Nothing brings more joy to my life than watching my children being raised on a farm in rural Minnesota,” said Guetter, a proud father of three children, Max (7), Marley (4) and Colt (1).

MSGA Director Adam Guettter and his wife, Melanie, are raising the next generation of farmers and, hopefully, MSGA members.

When he is not teaching his kids about trifoliate leaves on a soybean plant, Guetter actively leads in the soybean industry. After completing the American Soybean Association (ASA)’s Corteva Young Leader Program in 2018, Guetter decided to run for a position as a director with the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA).

“The young leader program doesn’t just prepare you for a leadership role in a commodity organization like MSGA, it also prepares you for many situations that may arise in the farming operation,” Guetter said. “After my leadership program, I got to meet a few of the directors and learned about the work that is done behind the scenes to make the association and farmers better people.”

After securing his spot on the state board for a couple of years, an opportunity to become a director of ASA presented itself. Guetter jumped at the opportunity to lead and give direction, using his youthful viewpoint of the agriculture industry.

“I figured it would be a great opportunity to serve my state soybean growers at the national level,” said Guetter, who now serves alongside many of his Young Leader classmates. “I felt that I would bring a young, fresh new perspective to our already great and experienced team of ASA directors from Minnesota.”

In his role with MSGA and ASA, Adam Guetter (middle) visits with legislative leaders, including Rep. Michelle Fischbach (right)

Guetter currently juggles three positions on the county, state and national levels. From his experiences, Guetter appreciates how MSGA relies on its membership to sustain its mission and urges his fellow young farmers to take action and stand up for Minnesota’s soybean industry by joining the nation’s premier state soybean advocacy organization.

“When you get a great organization like the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association, there are leader directors at different age levels,” Guetter said. “I believe that at the state level and the national level we need people of different experience levels to have a well-rounded organization.”

When Guetter takes his soybeans to the elevator, he pays one-half of one-percent of the total value of soybeans into the soybean checkoff. However, becoming a member of MSGA is completely separate from paying into the checkoff. Guetter believes that both initiatives are important to keep the soybean industry thriving in Minnesota.

“Unlike the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, which uses checkoff dollars, MSGA is a member-driven organization,” Guetter said. “The more members we have, the louder our voices are in St. Paul. We need to be there telling our story on a daily basis because if we are not, someone else will.”

Adam Guetter cares about the future of Minnesota soybean farmers. That’s why he joined MSGA.

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