Biodiesel is Minnesota

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, locally grown fuel that is produced to reduce the use of petroleum diesel. Good for the economy and good for the environment, biodiesel brings Minnesota closer to energy independence.

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Biodiesel Basics – Learn the ins and outs: how biodiesel is produced, its key benefits and the impact of biodiesel on the state of Minnesota.

Partners – Explore partner organizations in Minnesota, including biodiesel plants, and featured sellers. Ready to join as a partner? Find resources here.

Biodiesel Usage – Find in-depth resources for your use of biodiesel. Download the full handling guide, or get assistance through the diesel hotline.

Show Your Support – Do you place value on the increased use of biodiesel in Minnesota? Show your support and learn how you can get involved.

FAQs – Get your questions answered and read about the biodiesel myths versus facts in Minnesota.