Strathcona farmer to serve on ASA’s Executive Committee

Minnesota supports seven directors on the American Soybean Association, the most in the organization’s history. One of those directors, Jim Kukowksi of Strathcona, was elected to serve on ASA’s Executive Committee Dec. 7 during the organization’s board meeting in St. Louis.

“My heart has always been into promoting soybeans and the overall health of my fellow farmers and our industry,” Kukowski said. “After six years on ASA, I’m eager to step up, walk the walk and be a strong advocate and represent Minnesota on ASA’s Executive Committee. I’m passionate about people and farm policy and I appreciate the support of my fellow directors.”

Jim Kukowski has served on MSGA’s board since 2008. He’ll now step into a new role on ASA’s Executive Committee.

Joining Kukowski on ASA are Jamie Beyer, George Goblish, Adam Guetter, Chris Hill, Michael Petefish and Jeff Sorenson. Joel Schreurs termed off ASA during the board meeting, capping a nine-year run as a national director. Schreurs was honored at a dinner for retiring directors.

“I’ve enjoyed my time with ASA,” he said. “It’s been a fun ride, and I think we have some of the best ASA board members from Minnesota that we’ve ever had.”

Minnesota Soybean Growers Association President Bob Worth and Executive Director Joe Smentek also attended the board meetings. Josh Gackle of North Dakota was elected ASA president, while Kentucky grower Caleb Ragland will serve as vice president.

ASA represents U.S. soybean farmers on domestic and international policy issues important to the soybean industry. ASA has 26 affiliated state associations, including MSGA, representing 30 soybean-producing states and more than 500,000 soybean farmers.

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