DieselSellerz make a splash at Big Iron

The DieselSellerz made their highly-anticipated appearance at the Big Iron Farm Show, the upper Midwest’s largest farm show, this week in West Fargo, N.D. The stars of Discovery’s “Diesel Brothers” were stationed in the Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council outdoor booth. The foursome talked biodiesel with fans and showed off Indomitus, the truck built for MSR&PC and featured on the show’s latest season.

“The DieselSellerz are knowledgeable, down-to-earth guys who can help push (biodiesel) in a new direction,” says Jeff Taffe, a Graceville, Minn., farmer. “Minnesota Soybean has the connections to make a huge positive impact in the farming industry.”

Big Iron was the place to be when it comes to learning about biodiesel, big builds and the soybean industry. MSR&PC had two booths at the event, allowing for numerous opportunities to educate individuals about new and improved varieties, biodiesel and the soybean checkoff. On Big Iron’s final day, MSR&PC was awarded Best of Show: 1st place, Outdoor Display.

“Farmers in the U.S. should be proud of what MSR&PC has done for the farming industry,” says Preston Dagen, a Lake Park, Minn., farmer. “We need hard working individuals to continue to promote farming and biodiesel.”

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