Indomitus taking final victory lap at Elko Speedway

After nearly 18 months in the North Star State, “Indomitus,” the truck built by the stars of Discovery’s “Diesel Brothers,” is returning to the DieselSellerz. However, before the truck departs Minnesota, Indomitus is taking a final victory lap at the Bandit Big Rig Series at Elko Speedway on Saturday, July 27.

Indomitus has appeared at nearly 75 state events in Minnesota and traveled 15,000 miles since its build in spring 2018. The Ford truck is 11 feet long and the first true 6×6 super duty pickup. The truck runs on biodiesel, America’s first advanced biofuel. Minnesota is a leader in biodiesel. In 2018 the state moved to B20 (20 percent biodiesel) during the summer months. The economic generator contributes nearly $1.7 billion in economic activities and adds nearly 5,400 jobs throughout Minnesota.

“It’s been a heck of a ride for Indomitus. The truck’s been all across Minnesota, and was featured in two episodes of the ‘Diesel Brothers,’” says MSR&PC Chair Cole Trebesch. “The events last year were extremely well-received and we couldn’t think of a better stage for Indomitus to make its grand exit than this year’s Bandit Big Rig Series.”

The Bandit race gates will open at 3 p.m. and the green flag drops at 7 p.m. This year’s theme is celebrating “the iron giants of the asphalt,” and will feature a Kid’s Zone, Vendors Row and a Fan Series Truck Show. Free admission will be granted to children eight years of age and younger. VIP tickets, specialty seating and discount tickets are available at banditseries.com.

“We’re excited once again to partner with the Soybean Council on this unique event,” says Jason Johnson, general manager of the Bandit Big Rig Series. “Last year’s race featuring Indomitus brought a huge amount of attention and enthusiasm to the race, and we’re excited to send the truck out in style.”

The Minnesota Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC) will have a booth where the organization will be highlighting the latest new uses and innovation derived from soybeans. In 2017, soybean checkoff investments led to Goodyear releasing its line of Assurance WeatherReady tires, which feature a soy-based rubber compound. The tires are best for all-weather traction, ideal for SUVs, have 75,000 miles of tread life and are available at tire retailers across Minnesota.

MSR&PC will also promote its investments in RePLAY Agricultural Oil Asphalt Seal and Preservation Agent, which extends the life of paved asphalt surfaces. RePLAY is made from 88 percent biobased solutions with more than 50 percent made from soybean oil. RePLAY extends the life of asphalt surfaces, lowers labor costs, reduces road closures during application and eliminates the harmful fumes of petroleum products used for road maintenance. The City of Hutchinson estimates its use of RePLAY has cut their road maintenance budget by 30 percent. RePLAY also uses about 100 bushels of soybeans per lane mile of paved surface.

“We are really excited to meet with fans at Bandit to talk about all the ways a soybean can be used,” Trebesch says. “This is a time where we can celebrate biodisel while also showing how the rubber meets the row.” 

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