Rock County Corn and Soybean Growers Reach Out to County Influencers

The Rock County Corn and Soybean Growers held a Farm to Table event on Sunday, June 12, in Luverne, Minn. The board partnered with the Luverne Area Community Foundation on this event. Most in attendance were key influences in Rock County including county commissioners, city council members, doctors, lawyers and others in leadership roles around the county. The evening started with Rock County Corn and Soybean President Lucas Peters welcoming the group.

“Agriculture is a huge proponent of Rock County,” Peters said. “We as farmers work hard every day to grow a healthy and nutritious product while caring about our land and water. Tonight we welcome you and hope to have some great dialogue on key issues and concerns about agriculture within the county.”

A four course, family style meal was served to the guests that was not only locally grown within the county but also had a corn and soybean influence.

“This night was fantastic. I appreciate the farmers opening up conversation with us about what they do in Rock County,” said Esther Frank, Luverne City Council Member. “Growing up on a farm but then moving into town over 30 years ago, I see the disconnect that people have with agriculture and farmers, even in a rural county like Rock. We need more events like this where others can connect with local farmers and ask questions.”

Among the guests, the Rock County Corn and Soybean Growers also invited two guest speakers to come and share their knowledge and expertise on water quality, GMOs and buffers. Those two guests were Joe Smentek, director of public affairs for Minnesota Soybean and Adam Birr, executive director of Minnesota Corn.

Smentek talked to the group about working together to achieve water quality goals.

“Misinformation is what causes a lot of the animosity between the rural and urban folks, that doesn’t need to be there because everybody has something they can do,” Smentek said. “Cities, counties, farmers, even yard owners in town, they all have something they can do. Everyone has a part to play in it and should be more focused on working together and less about attacking one another.”

Peters was impressed by the gathering.

“We were very pleased with the turn out and success of this event,” Peters said. “We hope to have more of these in the future where we can connect with people all around Rock County.”

Nearly 100 people attended the event.

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